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    Do It Yourself Plumbing Gone Wrong

    You remember that TV show from the 90’s “Home Improvement”, Tim,”the toolman” Taylor would try and show his audience some DIY home improvement trick that inevitably went horribly wrong.   It was funny and it made for some pretty great television.  In the real world do it yourself plumbing gone wrong is not so funny.  It isn’t funny to have 6 inches of water in your basement , in fact it can leave you with mold, structural damage and thousands of dollars’ worth of repair costs.  Not so funny now, is it?

    There are plenty of plumbing issues that a homeowner can fix themselves just fine.  Clogged toilets are no problem, most of the time it can be fixed with a plunger or a bottle of Drano.  Is your kitchen tap constantly dripping, you might only need a washer to fix that up, you can handle that.  However there are other plumbing problems that can happen that you absolutely cannot fix yourself.  Nobody wants to spend the money to fix the plumbing, but it will be far less than having to redo your basement because a pipe burst.  When it comes to plumbing you need to understand when DIY doesn’t work and what can happen if you try and fix it yourself.  Here’s a look at what can happen.

    Amateur versus a Professional

    If the problem lies in the pipes then you need a plumber to fix them.  DIY should be limited to simple things that can be done easily, like the leaky faucet.  Rattling or noisy pipes mean a bigger problem and trying to take apart your pipes and fix them yourself could mean a very large flood in your house.  It could also mean having sewage backed up into your house and that is the last thing that you want.  Plumbers have years of experience that allows them to diagnose a problem quickly and fix it with minimal damage.

    Clogs and Leaks

    Slow or clogged drains will happen to many homeowners and you can usually handle that yourself just fine.  When the plunger no longer works then it is time to give a plumber a call, don’t start taking apart toilets and pipes.  See what the pro has to say, yes it will cost some money to have a plumber come out but it will cost far more to clean up a flood.  Don’t mess around with things you don’t know how to fix!

  • How to Know When to Call a Professional Plumber
    Emergency Plumbing

    How to Know When to Call a Professional Plumber

    When it comes to home repairs most people try the DIY option first before calling in the professionals.  Granted most of us can get rid of a simple clog or fix a leaking tap ourselves, there are plenty of YouTube videos on just how to do it.  Not every situation can be fixed yourself, the trick is knowing when to call in a professional plumber.  So how to know when to call in a professional plumber is the tricky part, let’s explore those occasions.

    It’s Happening Again and Again

    If you find yourself try to unclog that stubborn drain yet again you may actually be doing more harm than good.  Try fixing the problem once, maybe twice and if that doesn’t solve your issue then the problem is bigger than you thought.  It is time to get the plumber in to fix it once and for all.  No matter how handy you are repeat problems are often signs of bigger problems.

    You’re Not Qualified

    Let’s face it, plumbers take years to learn their trade and you haven’t.  The pipes, your washer and dishwasher are probably not the best testing ground for you to learn a new skill.  If you don’t have the skill for the job that’s okay, but then you need to bring in someone that does to get it done right.  Don’t let pride get in the way and don’t wait until you have all your pipes scattered across your kitchen floor to call either.  The faster you call the faster it gets fixed right.

    You Just Can’t Fix It

    You have tried everything you can think of to fix it and it still isn’t working right.  That means that you need an expert to solve that problem for you.  There could be all sorts of possibilities that you don’t know about that could be causing your plumbing problems.  Professional plumbers have the expertise that you don’t to identify and fix the problem.  Stop banging your head against the wall and get the plumbing fixed.

    It’s Too Dangerous

    There are some situations that are just too dangerous for you to try and fix on your own.  Broken water mains, for example can damage your home’s structure and be dangerous.  Don’t fool around and get a plumber in right away to get the situation under control.

    There is nothing wrong with doing your own home maintenance, in fact you should be doing it, but there are times when the problems are just out of your league and then you need a pro.

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